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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Almond Butter and Honey - Paleo Ice Cream Recipe

Ok, so it's been almost a year since my last post and it's Autumn again.  Well, it's Autumn in other parts of the country anyway.  Now that we're back in Tucson, it really feels more like a milder version of Summer.  And since it's still in the 80s or 90s around here, I'm still making ice cream.

Now, we have two problems around here these days.  You know, other than the lack of a sweet and colorful Autumn season.  One is that, even in a hot desert town like Tucson, there is a serious lack of non-dairy ice cream.  And the other is that my son doesn't like to eat anything other than crackers.  We are constantly looking for ways to make nutritious foods he'll eat.  Fortunately, he will eat ice cream (at least some of the time) and it's a decent way to load him up with the healthy fats found in coconut milk.  And, so with my ever-amazing problem-solving skills, I present to you:

Almond Butter & Honey Ice Cream

- 3 cups canned, full fat coconut milk
- 1/3 cup almond butter (more if you prefer; my cup measure was overfilled on purpose)
- 1/4 cup honey (this can definitely be varied to your taste - even leaving it out altogether, but you'll taste the coconut milk flavor)
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 scoop unflavored egg white protein powder*
- 1 tsp vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly.  Then follow your ice cream maker directions.  For my Cuisinart, I simply pour the mixture into the frozen bowl while it's running. Ice cream is usually ready in 25-30 minutes.

Before anyone gets all 'non-dairy ice cream is hard as a rock and is always so icy' - I'm letting you know that I found the secret to that little problem too.  In my experimentation with healthy ice cream ingredients, I found that adding some protein powder makes a big difference.  The result is a creamier, smoother and softer ice cream - even after the leftovers are put in the freezer.  You may need to leave it out on the counter for a few minutes to thaw slightly, but then it should be easy to scoop and enjoy.

To duplicate this recipe exactly, here are the brands of ingredients I used:
Thai Kitchen coconut milk, unsweetened and full fat
Jay Robb unflavored egg white protein powder
Maisie Jane's organic, smooth almond butter
for the honey, I always recommend something local

And if you want to make this nut-free, simply substitute the almond butter for sunflower seed butter!

*Note that I have not tried any other brands of protein powder; if you try something and it works just as well, please let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Great recipe share! Thank you! I have purchased protein powder and need to stock up on full fat coconut milk, I used my last can making coconut whipped cream for pumpkin pie, it was awesome!