Adventures in gluten-free, dairy-free baking... all part of the fun and future of FLOURS & HUNNY Bakery

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Birthday season just ended in our house.  We call it "season" because all four of us have birthdays between mid-July and early-September.  And that means I've been baking!  Here are a few of our cakes...

To the right are Wylie's 1st Birthday cakes, with the little one being his smash cake.  Alas, he wanted nothing to do with smashing or even eating it.

The next two pictures are from our Funny Hat Party, which was to celebrate both kid's birthdays since they are so close to each other.  It was my best effort at designing a hat and it came out great!  I used two small and one larger round pans, plus real ribbon and a bow.  Since the other part of the theme was rainbows, I even made it a rainbow cake inside.  That was so much fun, though I would have definitely preferred to avoid artificial food coloring.  If anyone has ideas that actually work, I'd love to hear them.

Next was the Tigger cake requested months ago for Amelia's birthday.  Since we had a small party on her actual birthday, she got two cakes!  I know that fondant is all the rage in cake decorating these days, but you still can't beat the fun of a frosted cake full of piped stars.

And this last picture shows some cupcakes that were ordered by a friend for her son's birthday party.  She specifically requested no dairy, gluten, soy or nuts; all easy and my norm, except for the soy exclusion.  I do limit the soy I use, but have yet to find an acceptable frosting that doesn't contain soy.  Sure, you can make glazes, icings, and such but I need to be able to put it into a decorating tube and make things with it.  Thankfully, I did stumble upon a fellow blog with many vegan, soy- and gluten-free recipes and was able to try out her coconut frosting and chocolate frosting.  As you can see from the picture, the coconut frosting wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I improvised and the cupcakes still came out looking great.  The chocolate frosting was perfect!  Both tasted terrific and everyone loved the cupcakes.

I'll be working on another order for cupcakes later this week too...
Vanilla Hunny Cake with Banana Buttercream frosting, and some chocolate for good measure.  Everyone should be surrounded by this much cake!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy as a Bee... Flours and Hunny Update

Well, life sure is busy with two kids.  I expected it to be so, but I don't think I truly understood the impact... And I'm not sure it makes much sense that time passes so quickly when there are not quite enough hours in the day.  Not that I wouldn't do it all again...

for those who can't decide on a favorite flavor,
presenting a Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Cake

I have been baking, of course, but have not been able to get online much to share about the projects.  For the sake of a quick update, here are a few recent creations.

Summer Citrus Rose Cake -
freshly squeezed and zested orange cake with a
seedless raspberry glaze and a mini chocolate chip border

Our 1st Holiday Gingerbread House -
not only was it entirely gluten and dairy-free, but it was also delicious and fun to eat!

I have also changed the bakery name slightly to 'Flours & Hunny' - do you like it?  Since many baked goods contain local, organic honey along with the many gluten-free flours, I think it fits well.  We also have a facebook page now too.  Please join us there by 'liking' the page, and then you will get updates a bit more frequently.  I've been enjoying the ability to pose questions, get feedback, and post pictures quickly and easily.

Kale Salad

Chocolate Sunbutter Millet Squares
(simple to make, very few ingredients
and free of all common allergens!)
Strangely enough, considering the lack of "free" time, my husband and I have started yet another project called Our Sustainable Kids.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  We'll be inviting other parents, health experts and others to join us in that blog venture all about raising healthy, active children.  And I'll be posting recipes there, like these to the left too (gluten and dairy-free, of course!).