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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dip Dip - Dooowha!

If you have trouble tolerating cow-dairy like I do, but you also love a good French Onion Dip like I also do - I have a delicious recommendation!  Whole Foods has an organic Onion Dip spice packet that can be blended with plain Goat Yogurt.  Just stir it all together and let it chill for 24 hours.  It's easy and delicious - and you'll never miss the stomach ache.  Or all that awesome cow fat, for that matter. 

With this kind of success, I'm guessing you can substitute plain goat yogurt for any recipe calling for sour cream.  I have used it in a few baked goods too and it works out beautifully. I'd add a little extra sweetener for cookies and cakes though, to offset the slightly sour taste of the goat milk.

I have plenty of other updating to do here on my blog also, but will have to save it for another time.  Life's been busy with some family in town; my first big cake project in Boston for a baby shower (wait until you see the pictures - the end result was impressive, especially considering it was quite an adventure!); and my first paid bread order (I didn't get feedback, but I sure hope they liked it).  Good times.

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